Thursday, 20 August 2009

Cheesy Hammy Eggys!

After last nights failed attempt at getting to a race in time, I decided to do the Hill session at Horwich tonight. Luckily Norman under estimated me (Being much slower than the rest) and told me to just run up to the mast and back down whilst some of the faster ones did a a loop or two extra.

I thought about hitting the chippy on the way home. Fried rice chips and curry or Fish and chips with Gravy but NO! I resisted the urge.

Instead I decided to have some Cheesy Hammy Eggys. It part of the staple diet in the Royal Navy. This food was probably served at least once per week. Forget Fillet Steak or roast dinners, Cheesy Hammy Eggys are the way forward.

Joanne makes lovely fried eggs, see --->

If you fancy them, then our method simply a piece of toast, covered with a layer of ham, cover it with cheese. Then stick it under the grill and melt the cheest just like you would for cheese on toast. Whilst the cheese is melting fry your egg and then place the egg on top. Voila!

Another method.. (For 4 peices)
  1. Start of by toasting one side of the bread
  2. Grate cheese into a bowl, add 1 dollop of Dijon mustard & 1 egg. Mix well
  3. On the un-toasted side of bread layer the ham to cover right up to the edges
  4. Spread the cheese mixture over the top of the ham, again right to the sides.
  5. Begin frying 4 eggs whilst starting stage 6
  6. Toast Bread/ham/cheese under the grill till the cheese is bubbling & lightly browned
  7. Serve fried egg on top of toasted cheese & ham

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