Thursday, 27 August 2009

I blame the Peanut M & M's

Why do they sell peanut M&M's in such large bags and what happened to normal one person size bags of M&M's?

On Tuesday I needed to visit the office in Coalville and had to stop en-route for fuel. After filling the car I strolled across the forecourt to pay for the fuel but as I had only had a bowl of cereal instead of my usual 1/2 loaf of toast for breakfast, I felt the urge to eat. I have a bit of a thing for Peanut M&M's at the minute so had a quick look for the Normal, standard, one person, generally available size pack of these Peanut delights. But NO! not here, only the large "Re-Sealable" bags where on the shelf along with Big Eat bags of Walkers Crisps and Ginsters Sausage Rolls and Pasties.

Beliving I could control my craving I bought the large bag and headed back to the car to continue my journey. "Control my craving?????" HA!! like hell. 20 mins later with only 1/4 of the bag left I threw what was left into the rear of the car so that I would have to stop to climb over the seats if I wanted them. It was of course a waste of time, the journey ended and I reached over picked up the bag and finished the packet.

Well it affected me. Harrock Hill on Wednesday. The 4th race in the series and for the last two races I had been so close to a PB that I needed to do it this time otherwise there had been NO improvement from last year. I lined up at the start with no plan in my head other than to keep a good steady pace like the last few races but with the rain that had fallen today I was convinced the going would be a little heavy in places, so as we set off, feeling great, I up'd the pace a little thinking I'll attack the hill and recover on the descent where I normally get stuck behind someone on the narrow path. Keeping up with Tony Varley (and passing him at one point) I ploughed on up this first hill but just as I reached the top the pace started to hit me. Fool!!! What had I done?

And so it was for the rest of the race. I tried to push on a steady pace but I just didn't feel it was good enough. It felt slow, I felt tired and my legs felt heavy all the way round. The only burst of speed coming on the final descent knowing that Jan Atkins (Who I had seen just as I entered the woods) was following close behind me. A quick look at my watch and I was two minutes under my PB but not at the finish line yet. I passed Albert who gave a quick spur on but as I rounded the final corner my watch passed the 49:22 mark and I cursed myself all the way to the line, crossing it in 50:00 exactly, Wrecked and out of breath knowing only that I couldn't have given it any more than I did but also wishing I hadn't gone too fast on that first climb.

On reflection though I blame the Cocoa from the M&M's for putting my mind in an unfit state and the Scrumptious Milk Chocolate for adding to my waist line, making it more difficult to carry this lump of a body up those hills. Perhaps I should write a letter of complaint to Mars and Tesco???

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  1. ooo yes, letter of complaint as you know what they'll do?? Send you some samples of course!!

    See you ready and raring for Hades on wednesday!!