Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pen-y-Gent & Hawes

Chris was up again this weekend and as we'd been to Langdale last week,, the ladies weren't gonna be up for us disappearing again. Chris suggested going up towards Whernside and leave the ladies and kids at Ribblehead where the kids could play on the grass, watch the trains cross the viaduct and play in the stream. There was only a "Chance of Rain" according to the weather forecast.

How wrong! It hammered down. It became apparent on the way up that the our plan wasn't going to work and when we got to Ribblehead we decided to head into Horton in Ribblesdale and go for a run up Pen-y-Gent instead. At least there was a café for them to sit in and wait for us.

Looking up from the car, the peak was covered in cloud and I worried as usual about getting too cold even though it was still about 18 degrees. Should I put my leggins on? I really am a big girl, maybe I should borrow Emmas pink top when I run? Albert Sunter commented to me after Kentmere Horseshoe that I looked like I was dressed for winter???

We followed the route out of the village as the Pen-Y-Gent race does, turning off the main road at the end of the village along more tarmac (Urgh!) until we started the ascent in the farmers field. With the wind behind you you don't really notice how windy it is and as we got higher the running was still going well but when you stop and look back you feel the wind, thankfully though we would be coming downhill when running into the wind. Eventually we reached the gate where the path turned left and up the 'lump'. The wind here must have been hitting the hill and swilling around it as suddenly, right next to the wall the wind seemed more intense/fierce.

The route gets a little rockier in places now as you head on up but eventually you stop climbing and there is a nice steady jog to the summit and a rest. We would have preferred to head over the wall here and follow the race route back down but Chris wasn't confident without a map and I have never done the race so after a KitKat break we decide to head back the way we came from.

The run down was a careful one as the steeper climbs were now careful descents. My Inov-8's (MudRocks) don't grip well on smooth wet rock, so I trod carefully. Eventually though we passed back through the gate and some easier running from now on. Chris as usual pulled away and stopped, pulled away and stopped but at one point as he headed off I was determined not to give him too much of a break and kept the pace up only affording him a few secs when he next stopped but I couldn't keep up the pace and he then ran off ahead as I tired. There seemed to be more walkers heading up the hill as we descended the lower section, some in t-shirts and others in just Jeans and trainers, can't imagine how far they got dressed like that but I suppose it did LOOK like the weather was going to ease. I suppose people like that look at us and think "Fools" just the same way as we look at them being potentially unprepared and think the same thing.

Back on the tarmac and on the run in, the childish streak in me came out and I started to splash Chris as we ran through the puddles, we were just reaching the end of the road and a group of walker were heading our way but I think Chris and I just focused on the large puddle coming up. I imagine it looked funny from the walkers point of view, two grown men splashing each other deliberatly as they ran through the puddle like a couple of kids.

Back at the café we met up with the ladies and the kids. Crumpets and Toast had been had at the café. MMmm, sounds good but not for us. Back to the car, quick change and off to Hawes for a late lunch.

The drive up to Hawes always reminds of being out on the bike and in particular one day when Chris was on a mission. We, Dave, Chris and me headed up this road and Chris was flying. At points he must have been topping 100mph and Dave and I were just trying to keep up. At these speeds, little raises in the road are exaggerated and I remember hitting a ramp and taking off. Whilst in mid air thinking "Oh F00k!" another bike was coming the other way and for some insane reason the friendly side of biking kicked in, the one that says you should acknowledge each other as you pass with either a wave or a nod. In mid air, I took my hand of the handle bars, waved and grabbed the grip again before the bike had hit the floor. The bike wobbled a little and the reality, that I could come off hit me, but it was OK. The Yamaha R6 handled it's rider very well and was a very forgiving bike, had it been a different bike I could have been off it. That was the point I slowed down a little but it's one of those moments you just remember forever.

Back to the storey, we reached Hawes and found café. Joanne and I decided to have a tuna sub but I sort of wish I hadn't. Don't get me wrong, it was nice (although I didn't really want it toasted) but there was too much of it and it sort of spoiled my appetite for my evening meal (A nice Indian). After the café we took the kids to the Old Sweet shop which had plenty of the old favorites in it. Cola Kubes, Pear drops, Fizz Whizz and Bubbly Chewing Gum. The best though were the gobstoppers. They have I think 5 sizes of gobstoppers from normal size (50p) to supersize (£1.99) and the supersize ones were as big as a cricket ball, they would take a week to eat. Josh bought a beginners Gobstopper but after he went out I bought him a supersize one, which we'll give him this weekend.

Finally though after a quick stop at a cake shop, we took the kids to the park at the other end of town whilst the ladies looked in some of the shops. I always worry about the kids when they are on parks, it's like there is an accident just waiting to happen and those roundabout just make me sick. I went on one a few weeks ago and my stomach was off for about 3 hours after. The kids enjoyed themselves so that's all that matters.

Now off home for an Indian and a beer with friends!

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  1. You make me sound like a speed freak... surely we never rode that fast. I do remember taking off though.