Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Horwich Downhill Race 2009

This is a FAB! race that runs from the Scotsmans stump on top of Winter Hill to the Horwich RMI club via Rivington Pike. Which route you take is your own choice. Also, this race sets runners off at 30 sec intervals so it isn't guaranteed you will have somebody to follow if you don't know the optimum route through the woods and estates of Horwich.

The conditions this year were similar to last year with the cloud just covering the top and nearly ensuring that runners just start to lose sight of each other in the 30 sec between starts. 12 people turned up this year, doubling last years turn out and as the gates were open on the mast road it meant we didn't have to detour round the back of the transmitter station (where I got lost last year less than 100m from the start).

Last year I finished in 3rd place but, due to the unfortunate illness of Steve Barlow, their were no prizes but this year there were prizes for everyone, which considering the race is FREE entry, is brilliant. Finishing in 10th place, some 3 1/4 mins quicker than last year, got me Walshes shoes voucher and 2 bottles of wine!

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