Friday, 18 September 2009

Wednesday night run!

Another Wednesday night run with Emma but this time we decided to join the Lostock crew. By the time we set of it was just after 7:15 and most of us had head torches with us (except me of course, I'm always under prepared for everything).

A gentle trot up round foxholes and then across to the Devils Staircase (Part of this Mondays coming Downhill race). After a brief stop for photos (Emma will post on her blog soon) it was onwards and up to the Pike. From here most of us carried onward to the mast, well it's not like you can get lost even with the light fading, the mast has about 10 big bright lights on it.

Finding a couple of boggy bits on the way over, the light faded to nothing and I tried to get my night sight. Ahead of me I could see a couple of head torches lighting the way for others. Occasionally one would turn back and 5000 lumen's of light would blind me. I would try to dip my head and avoid the light but it would be too late and my night sight was temporarily gone!

After another brief stop at the mast we followed the Hendersons end route towards two lads and by this point I was wishing I had brought a head torch. Despite various peoples best efforts to light the way running behind me, it created a shadow right along the path in front of me and resulted in me being able to see less than I could without the light.

From two lads down though I had a guardian angel on each shoulder rather than following right behind me so the path was lit up a little better and I enjoyed the run down. It was a good run out and I can see these night runs being a little more frequent, however I don't like the cold and with these dark nights comes the colder weather. I have already been called for dressing like winter in the middle of summer, they'll be commenting about me dressing like I'm going on an arctic expedition during winter.

It's all good fun!

Thanks to everyone for persevering with me (minus a head torch). I'll bring a few thousand lumen's with me next time. promise!

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