Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Shop around when your renewal arrives!

Last week my home insurance renewal quote from Sheilas Wheels popped through my letterbox for £187 for the year!

Not being happy with what some of you would consider to be a decent price I decided to do a quick search. After clicking on a few links at I found Sheilas Wheels (yes the same company I was with) were offering the cheapest quote, some £30 cheaper than my renewal. I have heard the stories before that if you ring up to try and get the price matched on your renewal they always say they can't match the Internet price so you have to cancel the policy and buy online. So I just went right ahead and did that to save time.
  • I rang up and cancelled the renewal.
  • Then logged into Quidco to see if there was a cashback link (I don't have one on compare the compare sites), which there was.
  • Clicked on the link and went to the Sheilas Wheels Sites and completed the Quote.
  • I took out a policy for £117 and saved myself £70
But by logging in via Quidco I 'should' also qualify for £45 cashback at some point over the next 4 months which means all in all my home insurance renewal was £115 cheaper for the year by spending 20 minutes doing a quick search rather than accepting the renewal price.

Bare this in mind when your insurances come up for renewal and put the money in your own pocket rather than theirs!!

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