Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Swine Flu or Man Flu??

Well the day after the Horwich downhill, Josh woke up with a headache so we dosed him up with Calpol and shipped him off to school. With no calls from the school all day I assumed he'd been fine but when he came home he said he hadn't been well all day and his head was still hurting. Joanne left Josh at home with me and went swimming with Oliver but came home from the baths complaining that she wasn't feeling well. Me having all the sympathy in the world just told her to go to bed! Anyway by the time I came to bed I think I had started to come down with what she and Josh had.

Over this last week I have had hot and cold sweats, headaches and a chesty cough I just can't seem to shake. By Sunday though most of the aches and pains had gone but I still had the chesty cough. With Sunday mornings now taken up with Sunday football illness would have to wait until after the game. Just as the kids were about to kick off the heavens opened so I ran for the car to get the umbrella. The first 100m were fine and I remember thinking to myself how the rest must be doing me good, I wasn't aching in my legs. Then another 50m or so later I started to feel a little short of breath and started to cough. Cough? I have never coughed as much in my life. I was coughing uncontrollably until I reached the car and had to sit in the car for about 2 mins before I stopped.

It hit me quite hard and you realise how illness can take you and even when you think you are feeling a little better it can re-confirm that you are wrong! The previous weekend I had run the 12 miles of the Whernside race and now this week I was unable to run 150m to the car. Chris always says that when he starts to feel ill he now just rests until he is 'completely' clear before running again and I'll be doing just that, plus the rest will do me good.

I do though want to get out with the headtorch and sprain my ankle!

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