Friday, 11 December 2009

A quick update!

Not much running has been done in the past few weeks for one reason or another. The dark nights, the cold nights, being away a little more with work and having a bit of a cold. Any way I did to do the Dave Staff Fell Race which was quite good however it did highlight to me some of the fitness I have lost as I was a whole 2 mins slower than last year. Then I also entered a Night Orienteering event in Kendal. That was funny as Albert and I managed to cover a whole 2.5km in 66-70mins, not too bad a pace I’m sure you’ll agree :-S

Since then I have tried to pick up on the training runs. I went head torch running with Albert, Tony and Emma but ended up letting them go ahead as I just couldn’t keep up. Plus I have tried to make Tuesday night Horwich track sessions so will try to keep that up from now. This week was also the 5th round of the SROC Street Orienteering at Hest Bank (Lancaster) with a tough course (route wise) and I didn’t manage to get my usual average of over 700 points.

Working late last night so I missed the hill session but I might nip out for a run later as Josh isn’t at track tonight so I’m unusually free.

Tomorrow is another orienteering event in Whalley (Blackburn) and Albert and I are planning to make the trip. I’m going to tackle the technical course this time though to see how I fair.

As for Sunday, Josh has Sunday football but it only starts at 12PM so I’m going to do my best to get out of the house for about 7AM and head over Winter Hill for a few hours. Just got to run that by Joanne first :-S

Catch you soon!!!

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