Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Winter Hill

Quick update seeing as I haven't said much for a while. I'm looking forward to our next trip up north, it's still hard to believe I moved away from Wigan over 5 years ago. I have decided though that my journeys are going to be more selective this year, it got a bit silly last year; driving there and back in a day to do the Three Shires Race, flying to Scotland to do the Ben Nevis Race then back before breakfast Sunday, not to mention the cost!

My knee trouble has put paid to any plans of doing an ultra anytime soon. It was just by chance though that I was looking for an event I could do on my bike and noticed that Fred Whitton entries were open so off my cheque went and after a week's delay due to the weather I checked the website on the 18th to find I had best start training!

I'm really enjoying getting out on the bike at the moment, apart from the cold. I am still getting out running a couple of times a week as well but I want to take it easy on my knee. I have no plans to go back to the physio but I have to admit I went for a sports massage Christmas Eve and another one last week which was painful but seems to have freed my calf and hip up considerably. The knee seems much better though I have to be vigilant with the stretching, if I miss a day or two it shows.

My next visit home will be for half term and I'm considering doing the Winter Hill Race but I am a little uncertain about the distance since I haven't run that far since November however in terms of 'effort' I have been spending a similar amount of time out on the bike. Plus there's still a few weeks to go yet to make my mind up. I am hoping all this cycling has done my climbing some good! I am going to bring my bike up with me since there's some proper hills I can cycle up as opposed to the little lumps down here. My Ben Nevis entry went off yesterday too, I am hoping Mark has sent one off, it's becoming an annual tradition for me now.

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