Monday, 15 March 2010

Street-O – The Results!

And so with the nights staying lighter the night Street-O comes to an end. What a good little series that was! I managed to do all 10 of the events and tried to push myself hard during each. It’s a challenge not only to read the map whilst running but to be able to gauge your timing and get back as close to the time limit as possible so as to make best use of the available time. In some instances though the penalties are not as severe like at Lytham where the penalty was 1 point for every 3 sec late. This means only 20 points per minute are lost so it could be worth being late back if you can claw in those extra few points.

Anyway I have been happy with my positions at each event considering I am not the fittest person around and it’s my first season, managing a respectable place in the league tables in the Gross Scoring and the Age-Adjusted category. (Final league results are still to be add at the time of writing)

I was surprised to find out though that going into the last event I was actually the best-newcomer BUT (godamit, always a but) I was pipped to the prize by Pete Kidd (SELOC) on the night. That has spurred me on to try harder now!

With the FRA calendar getting busier now I’m going to struggle to get in a good mix of Orienteering events with Fell races along with letting Josh do some of the Orienteering events, plus with the baby due in June that is going to rule out any trips afar for a 4 week period around then.

Next event is the LDWA Two Crosses on Sunday. 18 miles across the moors around Bury, Bolton, Belmont and Rossendale. As it’s a walkers event I should be ok once I run out of steam.


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