Tuesday, 27 July 2010

MDOC Town & Country Orienteering Weekend (26th/27th June 2010)

Having only done one Regional orienteering event I have had my sights on the Town & Country weekend for a month or so. I enjoy the bigger events with the longer courses and a good challenge! Along with this I have only had 1 qualifying entry on the BOF rankings so I’m also keen to get 6 Regional/National events under my belt to get a ranking!

Saturday – Macclesfield Forest
Held in the North part of the forest the course was challenging as I foolishly turned up with shorts on (It was hot!). Tackling the black course was good fun and the trees helped to shade you from the intense heat of the day. I had the odd navigational issue but on the whole, after the first couple of points, finding the controls wasn’t a problem. Some of the controls in the later stages did however seem to have been strategically placed in or behind brambles, thorns and nettles and at one point, not being able to find a route through, I had to just make a route through and let my legs take a battering. However, at the end I can say I was happy with the course and felt thoroughly challenged. I certainly won’t be challenging any of the front runners on these courses but I’m getting better.

Finishing in 16th position, I have something to improve upon.

Sunday – Stockport City Urban
Starting right in the centre of the Stockport Shopping area this urban event did have the same lure of Nettles and brambles as the previous day however the temperature would have a greater effect as all of the running is in the open rather than in the shade of the forest.

Plenty of route choice is available on the urban events and with many alleys and split levels in the centre it was easy to take wrong paths (Which I did). The Black course had lots of points requiring running larger distances across the map with the last control being added, I’m sure, just for the sheer pain value. I made a few mistakes and the heat took it’s toll which had I not could have moved me up a position but then I'll put it down to inexperience.

Finishing in 9th position on the day I needed a stop at the poundshop on the way back to the download station to top up with water.

I left as soon as I had finished on the Sunday but was pleased to find out that I had won my category (Being as only 2 M35’s completed the Black course on both days).

A win is a win!

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