Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Looking forward...
I haven't really got any major events planned this year, I have been looking for something to do around July but haven't found anything suitable yet so this has meant my training hasn't followed any sort of plan either.

After the Peeler's Hike in Feb I concentrated on getting some miles in on the bike since I had entered Wiggle's No Excuses Sportive towards the end of last year. The main reason being it wasn't too far from where I live and it was free!

I had a good day out, the weather was reasonably kind apart from the headwind around the 60 mile mark which was very frustrating especially since I was having a bad patch at that point. I was impressed with the organisation of this event and really pleased to be out with lots of other cyclists on what turned out to be very quiet lanes around Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. I even managed (very briefly) to make it on the official video.

The following Sunday was another LDWA event that I entered at the last minute: The Daffodil Dawdle in Suffolk. I was surprised how dry the countryside is at the moment as well as relieved since some of the fields we ran through had recently been ploughed and if wet the mud would have been a nightmare!

This was exactly the type of event I like to do; just turn up and get your route description then when you're ready off you go. I spent the first few miles alone and at a couple of points on the route thought I was hallucinating; first I saw what I thought was a pack of hounds in the distance before I realised they were particularly silent for dogs - it was a herd of deer; then later on when we were heading through the village of Burrough Green where you run past a red telephone box which looked to be stuffed full of books - the village had turned it into a library where you can book swap! I saw tyregirl on the way round as well, last time I saw her was on the Steppingley Step last October.

Again another well organised and laid-back event, I feel guilty for hoping that these events don't get too popular; it's great to be able to go running in such quiet surroundings with the support provided at checkpoints all for much less than it costs in fuel to get there and back. Here's a map of the route that I found.

Next up for me is the Essex Walker Challenge, which follows a similar route to the Blackwater Marathon I did with Mark in 2009. Then it's up north for Easter break and Grasmere Fells, Tarns and Gingerbread I'm looking forward to getting out in the hills again!


  1. Rossdendale Way in a Day is in July - early, usually the first week (2/3). It's 42 ish miles and a nice undulating one to do. Cheap entry, good food and well run by the Mountain Rescue Teams there. I'm crewing for the other half at Nutcracker 24 (24hr MTB race at Bramham Park near Leeds).

    16th July Moors Merrier (on LDWA site) 28 miler - not done it before but looks good!

    At the end of July (30/31st) is TR24 (Thunder Run 24hr race) at Catton Park near Lichfield. You can enter as pair, solo or teams and you complete as many loops of a 10km circuit (off road) as you can in the time. We did it last year and the atmosphere is fantastic! Quite expensive to enter £60ish but great techie tea, cups, drinks bottles, supplies etc, free camping for the weekend, amazing 24 hour food tent, chip timing and the best atmosphere! Circuits is great for mental strength training!

  2. Deb, thanks for those. Quite like the look of the Rossendale Way in a Day, also the 16th July one. Hmmmm...

  3. Probably see you on the 16th then! Rossendale is great - I really enjoyed it! You can also do the 'half way in a day' if you fancy a shorter 'training' run!