Saturday, 21 July 2012

A summers morning on Winter Hill

Woke up this morning, looked out the windows to a clear blue sky with Winter Hill looking great in the distance. Decision made I headed out for a run. The problem with running on my own is that I sometimes give in a little easy although when I run with others I tend to try and keep going.

I stopped at the lower Barn to chat with Albert (who just happened to be passing) then saw Ed Swifts car pull into the lower barn car park. After chatting with Albert about his preparations for tomorrows UK Ironman I went to chat with Ed Swift.

Ed and the rest of his group normally run on a Saturday morning from the lower barn however today only Ed and John Coope had turned up and as I enjoy a chat on the way round I joined them for part of their run. Todays plan was to follow the Anglezark amble route for a while and see how things went. My plan was to stay with them until I felt like coming back.

There was plenty of chat and a nice easy pace. I like a nice and easy pace.

View from Rivington Pike

Running up through the gardens to Rivington Pike and then passed the Dog Hotel and passed the mast.

Plaque on Winter Hill. John & Ed heading off

Then down the ramp to Belmont Road, across the road and through the fields.

Crossing the pond

I don't understand why people run on roads


Besides the pond before heading for Belmont Reservoir where Ed and I split with John. From here we headed around Belmont reservoir to the Tockholes road and then across Belmont Road to head towards Great hill but turning off before hand to reach Spitlers Edge and then onwards to Horden Stoops.

From here we followed Georges lane and then dropped back down the car parks and along the cobbled path to the Barn.

Route for today:

Thanks for the company today and hope to see you next week on Coopes Dozen.

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