Thursday, 29 December 2016

A year in review

Blogging hasn't really been top of the list in recent times. We tried to keep it up busy lives leave little time for blogging.

For me, I've been trying to run more and lose weight. I'd hoped to do more next year but a couple of niggly injuries won't go away (it would help if I listened to my physio too and did my exercises). Firstly I got plantar fasciitis, but it's now being overshadowed now buy an ache I get in the hamstring. This later ache comes a little when running but mainly after running when driving and it's really getting on my nerves now. I don't let it stop me getting out but it hits my mojo sometimes and I don't run.

I'm doing less races now. I prefer to just get out with friends for long runs with no pressure. Occasionally I'll enter an event but I'm not always worried about where I finish.

My highlights of 2016....

Strava Summary

Dark Mountains
January saw me enter taking part in the Dark Mountains. I was very nervous about this event as I wasn't sure how I would perform in the vast expanses of the northern Lake District in the dead of night, in freezing temperatures (and a blizzard). My partner had been injured in the months before the event so we started the event taking the view that we'll see how far we get. On the night we scored ok and covered 16 miles. It was a good night out but bloody cold!!

This year I entered the Saunders Mountain Marathon with Josh (my son). It was great and he made me really proud. Having only done a couple of days in the lakes in the build up for the event he coped admirably and we finished just outside of the top 10 on Day 1 and a little further down on Day 2. Day 2 was a little harder and I think the consecutive days running took it's toll however, his competitiveness kicked in at the end when he nearly sprinted off and left me to try and pass another team in running in to the finish.

Rab Mountain Marathon
I enjoy the Rab MM because I can compete as an individual. I know I said I prefer to run with company but in an event I hate the thought of me spoiling somebody elses run because I'm having a bad day. If I compete alone, I can only spoil my own day
Over the weekend I managed to finish within the top 20 on both days which gave me the best finishing position I'd ever had. I was totally amazed as on day 2 I nearly jacked in at one point when I hit a bit of a low.

I've been doing a little more street orienteering this year too and since loosing a few pounds on the midrift, I think I have become a little more competitive too. This has spurred me on to lose a little more weight now, but only after the Christmas period has finished indulging me with it's excesses ;-)

I have been taking part in the local Parkruns at Haigh Hall. It's a nice route that doesn't involve laps and suits me. The weight loss has seen my 5k time drop from around 17 mins to 24 mins too.

Coming in 2017....
Nothing much planned at the minute as I want to sort out these aches and pains. I'm keep to try and get the weight down and also workout some other muscle groups by doing some circuit training.
Events I know I'll do this coming year include The Hebden, Dark Mountains, Two Crosses, Saunders (with Josh), The RAB (Will have a new name) and possibly the OMM for the first time. I normally help out but I might give it a go next year (Gonna be tough to talk my partner into doing it though as she won't camp!).

Anyway, I'm going to try and post more but don't hold your breath. It's said with the best of intentions but we'll see how it goes.