Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Another year, another Hebden

At the start of the year brings on The Hebden.

I've been struggling with a knee injury since Christmas Eve which may be cartilage related. Visiting the physio the day before the event I was advised that my knee needed some TLC. The Hebden probably wasn't the sort of TLC he meant.

It's usually the first long run of the year, this LDWA organised event is well attended by runners and entries fill up before Xmas. Along with it being a good quality route, it's also a well fed event.

Starting in Mytholmroyd, the event offers 2 routes. A 22 mile and 16 mile route are available with the longer being my preferred option. Both routes follow the same course from up to the 4th checkpoint where the short route then takes a direct track and road back to the start/finish village hall.

Arriving at the event, other friends (Mike, Mark, Matt, Andy, Pete, Darren, Elaine, Josie and Tony) were waiting to set off next to table serving free tea/coffee and toast.

The organised called the competitors to move outside ready to start, however I waited inside the venue as I wanted to start late. The benefit (to me) of this is that I get to use the loo with out a 10 minute queue but also it means I don't head off too fast, trying to keep up with other and burning myself out too soon.

The route takes an anti-clockwise route around Hebden Bridge, passing through Hardcastle Crags, close to Stoodly pike and through Cragg Vale. However, the best part of the route for me is the food.

Start: Tea and Toast
Checkpoint 1: Cake and juice
Checkpoint 2: Jelly Babies and juice
Checkpoint 3: Butties, cake and a nice cup of tea.
Checkpoint 4: Crispy flapjack and Juice
Checkpoint 5: Butties, cake and juice
Finish: Tea, Pork pie and Peas, cake and custard, Mulled wine

I'm not really a mulled wine fan, but I'm up for pretty much most of other food with the exception of the dripping sandwiches.

You have to love an event which has the potential to be calorie neutral.

Finishing this year within just seconds under the 5 hour mark, struggling with cramp, I was happy with my time. I was also happy that i'd burned off 4400 calories over the course of the event, although I'm not quite sure on how many calories I consumed.

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  1. Glad to see you got your priorities right and no salad or vegetables (except peas and you've got to give peas a chance).