Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ennerdale Fell Race 2013

Saturday 8 June brought another Ennerdale Horseshoe and a good turnout of runners in the sunshine. I didn't  have much of a plan apart from getting round and hoping to at least match my average time of about 6 hours.

It wasn't to be. They had extended the cut-off times again which meant I could take it easier in the early stages and it was nice to see Joss Naylor on top of Great Bourne the first checkpoint handing out encouragement/abuse (he commented on how I didn't have a sweat on).

I followed some good lines up to Haystacks though deciding to go right around Seat was a bit of a mistake without a recce since I ended up clambering down some scree - I didn't head right enough. After Blackbeck Tarn I began to suffer and felt like I was going backwards; every climb from then on was a struggle.

I got to Pillar about 20 mins before the checkpoint closed and had a drink and a sit down, taking the opportunity to clear the scree from my shoes and socks. From there it was a slow plod over the easier ground to the finish. I met a large group of Achille Ratti members near Scoat Fell going the other way who were supporting someone on their BG who seemed to be going well.

There were very few other runners in sight by the time I had passed Haycock. Mark and Pauline were heading up there to take pictures but they were well gone by the time I arrived. There was forestry work going on in the woods before the final climb; it was a novelty having to clamber over all the pine trees.

I don't know how I got up that last climb and 6 hours was well out of the window but I managed to trot down the final descent happy that I had managed to get round.

Relaxing before the start.

...also fueling.
At the start with much of the route ahead.

Albert and Tony at the off.
On the approach to Red Pike, thanks to Paul Dobson for taking this one.

Albert climbing Haycock.

Ian on the final descent with Pauline chasing.

Albert got tired waiting for me at the finish!

Feeling worse for wear at the finish.
Maybe I didn't drink enough, maybe I was suffering from the last 2 long weekends or maybe I just haven't put enough work in this year but I can't complain. 3 great weekends of running on the trot in great weather and even better company.

Thanks as usual to all involved in organising the event! Thanks to Mark & Pauline as well for the support (and for driving Mark!).

Some more photos on Ian's Blog and Mark uploaded some here.

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